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Wirral Stroke

Privacy Statement

This web site is operated by Wirral Health Informatics Service (WHIS) on behalf of Wirral Hospital NHS Trust (WHNT). WHIS is a directorate of WHNT and is therefore obliged to adhere to the Trust’s “Code of Conduct for Handling Personal Identifiable Information” as well as other policies and standards for the protection of information. This web site is therefore subject to those strict safeguards.

There are various facilities within this web site which allow you to type in information and send it to WHNT, the Stroke Unit, WHIS or their associated NHS departments. You should be aware that such transmissions are not subject to any particular encryption and could, in theory, be intercepted and read by someone. Therefore you may wish to avoid including information which you consider private. This web site also includes a discussion board. What you write on the discussion board can be seen by anyone else who registers as a user.

In order to provide general usage information to WHNT, WHIS uses computer systems which log and analyze various data made available when you visit this web site. The information logged and analyzed cannot normally be traced back to identify you directly, but the systems mentioned do record names of ISPs.

Certain parts of this web site use cookies. These files are placed on your computer by the web site in order to facilitate your use of the site the next time you visit.

If this privacy statement is amended, the amended version will be made available on this web site. Should you have any questions about the privacy of using this web site, please e-mail